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On 9 September 2020 ADI, Associazione per il Design Industriale, gave Anty Pansera the career award "Compasso d'Oro", the most important International Design Award since 1954.


The jury's motivation of the XXVI "Compasso d'Oro" 2020 Edition:

"An original look at the world of design, based on an education linked to classical culture and history of art criticism, has allowed her to create original and basic texts to understand the phenomenon "Made in Italy" in its broadest sense. A commitment that is never dogmatic but always committed to spreading the culture of the project into wide professional territories, which include both teaching and dissemination through memorable exhibitions."

Anty and design
Educational activities
Anty and Futurism
Anty's books
Anty and ceramic art
Photographs with Anty
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