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Anty Pansera has dedicated numerous studies to Futurism and to the various issues that this artistic movement has raised on the relationship between designing and the reconstruction of the universe: not without reason, one of her great-uncles is Cesare Andreoni, the Milanese Futurist.


She collaborated with Il dizionario del Futurismo, curated by Ezio Godoli, for the MART in 2001 and she was asked, by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, to be a part of the National Committee for the promotion and preparation of the celebrations for the centennial of the Futurist Manifesto (Decreed on March 20 2008).


She has been the Scientific Director of the Cesare Andreoni Archive of Milan from 1990 (curated by Mariateresa Chirico) and with Enrico Crispolti, she organized an event entitled “Futurism in Milan in the interwar years”, held in Milan in 1993. She also curated the monograph Cesare Andreoni: artista, artigiano, protodesigner (ed. Bolis, Bergamo, 1992).


For the Centenary of the birth of Cesare Andreoni (1903-2003), in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Milan and the Banca Popolare di Milano, she helped organize the celebrations that brought to the publication of the catalogue “A cent'anni dalla nascita, Cesare Andreoni, Futurista e Milanese.”

Representing the Archive, she also participated to the international conference, “Futurismo, from the forefront to memories” of 2003 promoted by the MART in Rovereto and with The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University.


Amongst her works on Futurism (all published in Italian), in 2009 she wrote Futurist Art Houses, in “Futurismo, moda, design”, edited by the Provincial Museums of Gorizia, “Nuove Tendenze”, from the Manifesto for the Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe to the Milanese Art houses, From Monza to Milan, the experiences of futurists at the Biennali and the Triennali, in "Milano Futurista, Luoghi opere eventi" for the CASVA of Milan, The Women Futurists at the Quadriennali in “I futuristi alle Quadriennali”  published by Electa-Mondadori. In 2005, she wrote Attilio Calzavara, futurism and visual design; A biography in the context of time and history in VVAA, "Tra futurismo e visual design, Attilio Calzavara e il progetto grafico di opere pubbliche, 1922-1932", for Iiriti Editore, and in 1998, Art applied to Industry will exist, in VVAA, "Fughe e ritorni, Presenze futuriste in Sicilia", published by Electa. 

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