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Anty was first introduced to the world of ceramic art by Nanni Valenti (a fellow lecturer at the Isa of Monza), who will then involve her in the exhibition “L’arte del vasaio” (1983, Urbania, Palazzo Ducale), after which she begins to “practice” the world of clays. Enrico Crispolti also invites her to the conference on Tullio d’Albisola and Futurist Ceramics (1979): Futurism is in fact one of the topics that Anty mainly studies, and among the Milanese futurist Cesare Andreoni’s activities, who’s archive she coordinates, ceramic art is certainly present.


Amongst Anty’s first works: “Milano Gio Ponti alla Manifattura di Doccia, S. Carpoforo” (SugarCo editore, 1982); Il caso Lenci, S.Carpoforo, Milano, (1983), which includes an essay published on “Faenza”, LXXI, 1985 (a topic revisited in 2000, “Il caso Lenci”, Castellamonte, Torino).

She then begins to travel frequently to Faenza: Bojani then asks her to be a part of the jury of the 43rd edition of the International Ceramics Prize and befriends Rava and Piersanti, the architects who restructured the Mic. With Bojani, she also participates to the Milanese conference: Virtuality of the Vase (1996).

In 1987 she writes about the designer, Ambrogio Pozzi (Electa), she presents Giancarlo Scapin in Milan (Handicraft Gallery) and she is a member of the jury at the XI Biennale of Sicilian Ceramic Art (in Caltagirone). In 1989 she writes “Donne di maiolica e non” with Enrico Mazzolani (Longanesi editore).


In 1994 she takes part in the Conference on the future of artistic handicraft (for the Biennale of contemporary artistic handicraft, Kurashiki, Japan, June 1994, in which she curates the Italian delegation). In the same year, she plans and coordinates “Novecento da collezione” (De Agostini Editore), and assigns the section on ceramic art to Enzo Biffi Gentili, through whom she meets Antonia Campi. From their collaboration and friendship, they publish a catalogue based on all of Campi’s work entitled “Antonia Campi, Creatività, forma e funzione. Catalogo ragionato” (Silvana Editoriale, 2008). From thereon, Anty will also curate many of Campi’s future exhibitions.

In 1998, after a trip to Cuba, she plans and organizes (with Alejandro Alonso, the director of the Museum of Ceramics in Havana) an exhibition devoted to contemporary Cuban ceramics and ritual objects of the Santeria (Palazzo ex Pretura, Sassoferrato).

For the Earth’s Art Gallery of Turin, Anty curated “Da Andlovitz a Zauli, incontro con la ceramica italiana del Novecento”, 2005; “Antonia Campi”, 2006; “Ceramiche per l’Avvento”, 2006; “Ugo La Pietra”, 2007; “Giancarlo Scapin”, 2007; “Alberto Laveri”, 2008; “Giovanni Canu”, 2009; “Omaggio a un maestro d'arte e di scultura - Carlo Zauli a Torino”, 2009.


In 2008 she proposed the works of Campi/Ravagli and Ana Hiller for the Contest dedicated to the celebration of the 150th year of Italian Unity (Rome, Montecitorio).


In 2012 she began a collaboration with the city of Lodi, in which she curated the two most recent editions of the international ceramics contest “Lodiceramica” and, in 2015, “Art on the table. Maiolica from Lodi between 1700 and 1900” (Spazio Bipelle, May-August).


Among her works dedicated to ceramics: 

2009/2010: “Antonia Campi”, International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza; “From the origins to the Origin, the initiation of Giovanni Canu”, Palazzo Besta, Teglio, Sondrio and Palazzo Comunale, Mamoiada (Nu); 2011, “Guido Andloviz, “Decorations at the table. Forms and Colours”, Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan (Allemandi editore, Turin); 2012: “Dialogues (Campi/Ravagli/Elica/Alfredo Gioventù’s Opificio Ceramico)”, Studio Versari, Faenza; 2013/2014, “Antonia Campi, impossible geometries”, Palazzo Sertoli e Palazzo Sassi de' Lavizzari, Sondrio, and Museo Diocesano, Milan; 2014, “Antonella Ravagli/Con-Crete Words”, RBcontemporary, Milan; “Lady Ceramic”, Loggetta del Trentanove - Rotonda di Muky, Faenza; 2015, “Clara Garesio. An infinite Spring”, Museum of Ceramics of Villa Guariglia Raito, Vietri sul Mare; “Grand Tour” (Biblioteca Umanistica, Milano, with J. Blanchaert and V.Emaldi). In 2016 she curated certain events in the context of “Argillà”: “Antò” (Antonia Campi/Antonella Ravagli), “Off-White /Bianco Sporco” (Attilio Quintili), “Freestyle” (Antonietta Mazzotti) and “The furrow of Tages, Memories of the archaic in ceramics, in the papers and in the bronzes Carlo Pizzichini”; she also curated the monograph on Muky (Freemocco editore). In 2017, she curated “When design marries art, ceramics by Antonia Campi and Antonella Ravagli (Fatto ad Arte gallery, Milan).

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